Welcome to the official website of the SACS Old Boys Union, a community that cherishes the rich heritage and enduring camaraderie of South African College Schools (SACS). Since its establishment, SACS has played a pivotal role in shaping the lives of countless individuals who have gone on to make remarkable contributions in various fields. The Old Boys Union serves to foster connections, preserve traditions, and promote lifelong engagement among SACS alumni. 

The OBU is on a mission to create a community where everyone associated with SACS can share in all that SACS has to offer, through sports, arts, culture, academics, events and more.

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AlumNet is a cutting-edge, cloud-based digital community engagement platform created specifically for keeping alumni of schools and universities connected. It’s designed to effortlessly reconnect old friends, foster valuable business connections, and keep you in the loop with the latest alumni news. Through AlumNet you will be able to stay updated with news, events, and connect with fellow Old Boys.

Join us on AlumNet, and let’s build a strong SACS community, together.

Support SACS 

As we approach the momentous occasion of our 200-year anniversary, ‘SACS 200’, is beginning to ignite the imagination of the entire SACS community. This significant milestone presents a golden opportunity to rally together and secure vital funds to ensure the continued longevity of the school.