Ways to support SACS

The SACS Endowment Trust aims to raise R100 million for our 200th anniversary, while the Ithuba Trust seeks to support 40 boys with comprehensive bursaries by 2029.


South Africa faces numerous challenges in its educational, economic and political spheres, placing exceptional pressure on schools, with limited support from the State. We believe that it is our role to support the school and we are proud of all of our Old Boys and parents who have supported SACS for many years and are grateful for all of their contributions.

Our goal is to build and foster a strong S.A.C (SACS Alumni and Community) network, so that we can leverage our whole community in order to provide opportunities for the boys and contribute financial resources for scholarships, infrastructure development and various educational initiatives. All of these initiatives will then come together to enrich the overall learning experience and strengthen the reputation of SACS, leaving a lasting legacy and impacting future generations.

As we approach the momentous occasion of our 200-year anniversary, ‘SACS 200’, has ignited the imagination of the entire SACS community. This significant milestone presents a golden opportunity to rally together and secure vital funds to ensure the continued longevity of the school.

A robust capital base will stabilise and support SACS, ensuring it continues to produce exceptional young men who contribute to South Africa’s future. Both Trusts are Public Benefit Organisations in South Africa, offering tax-deductible donations under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act. We have tax-efficient structures in the USA, UK, and Europe and aim to expand these. The Trusts are independently managed, with the Ithuba Trust holding Level 1 B-BBEE status.

We invite alumni, parents, friends, NGOs, foundations, and corporations to support the SACS200 fundraising campaign and our initiatives. In addition to building the endowment and expanding our bursary program, we welcome donations for any cause you value. Gifts in kind are also appreciated.


Donate to the SACS Endowment Trust

Donate via EFT, SnapScan, Debit order, or our secure online platform (Payfast):

Donate to the SACS Ithuba Trust

Donate via EFT, SnapScan, or Debit Order:

Join the SACS200 Club
Make a monthly credit card contribution via PayFast:
Include SACS in your Will
Include SACS in your Will and make a bequest to the Endowment Trust or Ithuba Trust.  Contact Kate Maurel on maurelk@sacollege.org.za

Support SACS200 by setting your donation amount and frequency, with an option for anonymity if preferred. By including SACS in your philanthropy, you help build the most impactful school for South Africa, together.


For more information contact:

Kate Maurel: Co-ordinator SACS Endowment Trust and Ithuba Trust 

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